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The hunt for premium Halal Meat is over as Al-Baraka Market offers The Best Halal ang High-Quality meat in Raleigh, North Carolina!

In North Carolina, finding halal meat was a tough grind! But fortunately, Al-Baraka Market offers halal and excellent quality meat with a variety of meat cuts in Raleigh. Customers can place an order online or buy directly from our store. We ensure hand-slaughtered fresh meat in Raleigh, with premium food quality standards followed.

fresh meat in Raleigh
fine quality meat in Raleigh
Al-Baraka Market Grocery Store offers exceptionally fine-quality meat. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we slaughter animals. Our wide range of meats includes; chicken, lamb, beef, goat, and veal. Al-Baraka Market has well-trained butchers that professionally provide various types of meat and poultry cuts. Are you planning to prepare mouth-watering chicken drumsticks for dinner? And need a well-cut piece of chicken in Raleigh. Do not worry! Al-Baraka Market offers the best cut of chicken legs in Raleigh.

Nothing compares to a crispy, crunchy, and a fried chicken breast with sautéed veggies for a wholesome lunch. Our fine-cut chicken breast in Raleigh is for sure a boon for every connoisseur. Al-Baraka Market ensures all-natural poultry feed without any harmful hormone injections.

fine quality chicken from natural poultry
all kind of beef cuts

Our experienced and skilled butchers in Raleigh proffer custom orders for steaks, ground beef, sausage, poultry, lamb cuts, and more. Whether planning for an outdoor barbeque party or a family dinner and want some customized cut beef in Raleigh, try our beef cut range.

At Al Baraka Butcher and Grill, we offer fine-quality beef stew in Raleigh. So, to savor the original steak cut with friends and family, do visit us.

For all diet-conscious people, a high protein diet equates to food from nirvana. And lamb meat is the nutritious, high-protein option. Now, halal lamb in Raleigh is not a problem, as Al-Baraka Market is proffering fresh lamb meat for protein-loaded meals. Now everybody can buy fresh hand-slaughtered meat in Raleigh.

veal and goat meat

Al-Baraka Market is one of the oldest halal meat markets in Raleigh NC that offers veal in Raleigh. People who prefer delicate and tender meat often fancy the Veal meat. This meat is an ideal choice for Halal sausages and deli meats. Our halal meat store in Raleigh NC ensures hormone-free and hay-fed goats in Raleigh as well. 

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