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If you want to relish the authentic flavor of Mediterranean bakery bread in Raleigh, the Al Baraka Market’s bread bakery section is the perfect place for your palates.

Traditionally baked in stone stoves, Iraqi bread is the best savory that goes well with condiments. One can enjoy it as a breakfast or devour it as a supper snack.

Oven fresh Lebanese bread and Pita bread are the bestsellers, and usually, the stock quickly ends up. As who would say no to flavor with nutrition? One can fill them with various veggies, pickles, or sausages as the bread complements every condiment. Goodness in Pita bread and Lebanese bread comes from freshly milled whole grain flour.

freshly baked bread
fresh baked bread

For the people who adore the genuine Persian bread taste, Iranian bread and Sanjak bread are must-haves. In Persia, Sanjak means very interesting, and in Raleigh, after having this exquisite and unique Sanjak bread, no one can’t resist having some more. The Al Baraka Market provides original Persian flavors in Raleigh.

People who avoid yeast in their bread must try Gyro bread. Traditionally baked with fresh flour, this flatbread goes well with a variety of meats. So, do give a visit to the Al Baraka Market if you crave the classic Mediterranean loaves of bread in Raleigh.

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